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Hello, and welcome to Null Patch. If you’re viewing this site, it can only mean one of three things:

  1. You got linked here from one of our posts on another site.
  2. You saw it in our username on a site using domain names as usernames.
  3. You’ve seen this in our email address on a CV if we’ve been brave enough to swap it out.

This site is our little home away from other places for things that can’t necessarily go there.
For more information on who we are and what this blog is, visit the about section.

recent posts



2024-07-04 - Xenia's eXtended Reality - VR and Linux

Detailing our experiences after a few weeks trying to use VR on Linux rather than on Windows.


2024-05-05 - Version Control and You(nity)

Getting started with version control… with probably a bit too much of the theory.


2024-04-24 - Mini Essay - Showing Up

So, a friend asked me a question about my exercise routine, and I thought it might be helpful to put that down in more than 500 characters.

2024-04-23 - Mini Essay - On "junk food" media and time well spent

I joined a Discord call with friends this morning, expecting the stream to be of Jackbox - but actually got a collection of reaction video VODs from streams - a form of media I never seek out under normal circumstances, even with a furry VTuber as the host.

2024-04-18 - Welcome To Our Twisted (Second) Mind

On personal knowledge management, atomicity, notes, and Obsidian.

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